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 How to use Tony's Hydroponic Sprout Grower

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This sprouter you have purchased is fast and simple to use. Our favorite mother to bear a child ( Sprout ) is a Mung bean.
All  vitamins, enzymes, proteins and most minerals we know of in this world originate from the baby sprout. Your 100% Natural Multi Vitamin Pills. Green from God and Nature.
How to use your hydroponic Sprout Grower
Place 3 tablespoons of Mung beans onto the stainless steel screen. Rinse them under a tap. Spread them evenly over the screen carrier. Pre-soaking is not necessary. Place sufficient water in the plastic dish to touch the bottom of the mothers that are going to have babies.  NEVER cover the mothers (beans and seeds ) with water.. Place the dome cover over them to collect the humidity during the birth cycle.  Approximately 12 hours later pour out the afterbirth (colored water). Move the beans around with your fingers. This will keep the white root that will start coming out to stay on top of the screen.  Rinse the beans and replace with clean fresh  water. You can start eating them when the root is as long as the size of the bean, which is usually in the first 24 to 30 hours. Smaller seeds
may have to be soaked in a cup overnight to make them swell
before placing them onto the screen. The plastic dome forms a humidity chamber and insures because of its light weight that impurities can be released and at the same time speeds up the growth.  I personally remove all the sprouts from the dish and place them in a glass container with a cover into the refrigerator. I always eat 1 or two table spoons of sprouts every morning before breakfast. Have some with my soup at lunch and sometimes also have sprouts mixed into a salad or a smoothie.  I call each sprout a natural multi-vitamin pill.  I eat approximately 100 natural multi-vitamin pills every morning with a glass of high 7.5PH. ultra clean water.  Sprouts love 7.2 to 7.5 PH.
water to grow in. I call that Gods water and that is because rain is 6.9 to 7.0ph. Mothers prefer having their babies in the evening hours.Start at 6 to 8pm. They do grow faster.

A more thorough explanation of sprouting can be read in the following section in an article written by Tony in 2013.  Click on the following link to read the article.


Tips from Glenda Swanson

( AS OF  FEBRUARY 2008 ) 

For maintenance of the sprouter: The SCREEN is easily cleaned with a brush and may also be put into the dishwasher. Occasionally they may be cleaned with the green scour pads when mineral deposits accumulate. DO NOT PUT THE PLASTIC IN THE DISHWASHER.

The PLASTIC is heat sensitive. When there is a slight mineral deposit on the bottom part, it may be cleaned very easily using a USED  green pad (they are rectangles) that is sold for pot cleaning. Make sure that it has been well used and is now soft, as a new one will leave scratches.

Please be advised that nature wants to ensure survival during a drought and for that reason there will occasionally be a seed that will not sprout as quickly as the others and if eaten can be rough on the teeth.

Warmth will make anything sprout a little faster, however organisms also like this environment, so common sense should be used. The more warmth, the more frequently the water should be changed.

"A seed sleeps until it sprouts"

An added advantage to this sprouter: Two different seeds or beans may be sprouted at the same time, without too much effort in keeping them separate, (one on each side of the screen). You may harvest each one at the time that it matures.

Water is VERY important for our health. If we do not drink much water, we MUST include it in our diets juicy food. The best choices are fruits, vegetables, and sprouts and greens.

ANY seeds or beans placed on the mesh over the water will look for the water by germinating into the water through the mesh. This is natural for the roots to reach into the water.

When the seed or bean starts to gain nutrients from the minerals in the water it effects the appearance (color) of the plant.

Refrigerating the sprouts slow their growth. .When storing ANY type of sprout (store bought) in the refrigerator,  it is important to rinse them daily to keep them fresh. The nutritional value is still increasing.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ADDITIONAL NOTES

Warmth can make your sprouts grow faster and they will also grow slower if the conditions are colder, but around 70 degrees is optimum. All sprouts generate heat themselves during their growth and this may have to be compensated for, from time to time, by rinsing more frequently. In the years following this simple invention Tony has never had to rinse the sprouts more than once in the 24 hour period of growth.

If the sprouts are grown with no access to light, they will not green. The yellow sprouts are just as good, but are missing chlorophyll. This is a personal preference. You may want to grow them both ways and mix the colors.


Tony’s sprouter allows the sprouts to be very easily loosened (for proper cleansing) by the high pressure water from the sprayer on your tap. This avoids the “clumping” of the seeds/beans. If you ever get any amount of this “clumping” (perhaps from starting too many at once), the sprouts should be shaken, dumped or loosened to do be properly cleansed/rinsed

Tony's notes
It is important that your seeds or beans are washed before you set them to sprout and of course the growers must have a change of water every 12 HOURS., rinsing completely.
This food is no different than any other food in your home. It should be kept clean and free from all contaminants using good hygiene. I have been sprouting various seeds and beans for over 50 years and have never experienced any kind of illness. Except during the first 3 years using the Jar system, which is poisonous.

Our Growers are designed to grow organic mung bean sprouts more quickly than any other sprouter ever designed. During the growth you can see through the clear dome exactly how much you have eaten. Nothing is hidden.
Clean pure water should be used. The water should be changed
at least twice a day. After the first 12 hours the water should be poured out. The beans should be rinsed and the clean pure water replaced. After the next 12 hour period you should again replace the water.
You can start eating the baby sprouts after or during the second day.  Watch them, taste them if they are soft and have roots you can start eating them. Add them to your cooked soup, salads or prepare them as described in 100’s of recipes found on web sites by going to search engines like Google.com
Like any Human child born, a baby sprout is no different in that it is given ALL nutrients to start life with.  It is only after a few days of life that the genes take over and decide what nutrients will be discarded or kept to make the plant grow to be like the mother.

An Interesting item about mothers of animals ( Humans ) and mothers of vegetation ( all seeds and beans ). " When Babies are born to humans, a mother has an afterbirth.  And all mothers of vegetation also have an afterbirth " Ask Sprout Growers. com and we will tell you how you can see the afterbirth.

And that is life.  Isn’t it.

    Legal and Copyright,  Copyright Tony Hornick,  All rights reserved        eMail: Tony Hornick

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