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Place 3 heaping tablespoons of MUNG beans/seeds into the stainless steel carrier. Put water underneath the seeds touching the bottom of the seeds.  covering the seeds with water could cause mold to grow immediately.  Place the dome cover over the unit loosely. Leave this way for approximately 12 hours. At that point of time CHANGE the water and move the seeds around with your fingers. Replace the dome for another 12 to 15 hours. They are now ready to eat having a small tail on each sprout. Sometimes using slightly warm water they will germinate more quickly. I have had reports from some people saying they have been growing them with 18 to 20 hours.
Please let me now if you have any problems with the growth of the sprouts. Its simple and fast.

The PLASTIC is heat sensitive. When there is a slight mineral deposit on the bottom part, it may be cleaned very easily using a USED  green pad (they are rectangles) that is sold for pot cleaning. Make sure that it has been well used and is now soft, as a new one will leave scratches.

Please be advised that nature wants to ensure survival during a drought and for that reason there will occasionally be a seed that will not sprout as quickly as the others and if eaten can be rough on the teeth.

ANY seeds or beans placed on the mesh over the water will look for the water by germinating into the water through the mesh. This is natural for the roots to reach into the water. Move the seeds around when you change the water. That will keep the roods from growing through the mesh.

Always place the grown spouts into the refrigerator which will keep them fresh until used. But you really should eat them within 2 to 3 days.  Some persons have told me that they are eating 2 dish full's every day. 

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Tony has been using this water for many  years

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