How to live for a long happy life, free of sickness, and  slowing down aging with very little money. 

The man that is telling you this is 90 years of age and has learned what you can do to accomplish those main goals in life.  Using Gods principals.

1) Take a warm shower before bedtime. This warms your body so that you will sleep quickly and through the night. You're going to bed with a clean body.  Bed clothes do not have to be washed as often. Use natural cleaning compounds for washing clothes. Or none.

2) Its morning, Your stomach has digested all that food eaten yesterday. The result is that you have a clean body as God gave it to you originally.  All processed and cooked food including water for tea should be avoided in the morning. I call that DEVILS FOOD.  Eat 3 to 4 tablespoons of baby sprouts that have taken only 24 to 28 hours to grow. Which will mean that you will get ALL the nutrients that God gave those beens resulting in a sprout growth. One of those Sprouts has ALL the nutrients that you need to stay healthy. Don't eat anything else but those spoonfuls during those first morning hours. You will feel quite comfortable during those morning hours.

3) When YOU get hungry which may be at 12 to 2pm. you can eat the Devils Food. That means anything cooked. ANYTHING that you would like to eat or drink because you were taught that way by the media and your family. 

Then during that nights sleep your stomach will again go through the process of cleaning itself. To start a new day.

4) I do not wash any eating utensils including dishes with soap. I use only good quality hot water.  When I was a child on the farm , everyone used the same drinking cup at the fountain in our yard. We all drank from the same cup without washing it. And we never got sick. The chemicals put into soap can effect your body. Avoid those chemicals. 

That is basically what Tony has been doing for the last 25 years.


WHAT IS THE COST TO LIVE THIS WAY.  I eat 1 and a 1/2 pounds to 2 pounds of beens a month. If you use Mung beans there are approximately 7000 beens in one pound.  Each been is a complete vitamin pill  Click following to see the nutritional value of a Mung Bean seed: http://www.sproutgrowers.com/MUNGBEAN.htm
And this does not mean that other Beans or Seeds have less value. God has produced all beans. So, it is only natural to assume that ALL of Gods beans have ALL nutrients' in them that a human or animal requires to be healthy.
Mung beans are grown in every poor hot country in the world.  The farmers I am told get as little s 1 cent to 5 cents per pound from the wholesale companies that distribute them to other countries.  Which means in my case it could only cost up to 5 cents per month for my breakfast for one month. That's 30 days of food. But I pay $3.00 to $5.00 per lb. for my Mung beans because I demand Organic beans that have the words "certified organic" stamped on the shipment packages. But I often wonder, Are they really what the package messages say?.

And by the way there are 3 of Tony's  Health tests shown at the bottom of some of my pages in my website "www.sproutgrowers.com".  I have been told by the persons running these tests that the following results were found. The first test I was told set my age at 55. I was 80 years of age at the time.
The second test at age 87 I was told that my body reflected an age of 45 years compared to other tests done by that company at that time.  then the 3rd test was done in the fall of 2018 at a Health show in Toronto, Ontario by a company who had a device I would stand on in my bare feet to do the test to evaluate my age based on other studies of individuals at my age.  This company had to ask me to take my shoes and socks off again because they could not believe the first report received. The second report turned out the same as the first. According to their machines study of my body compared to the average person I was only 31 years of age.  I was of course 89 years of age at that time.
Each of the 7 employees of that companies booth purchased 2 sprout growers from me.  
A true story by Tony Hornick. You can send me an
email for questions about my thoughts on the subject of "A WAY TO LIVE".
There are many people today living to an age over 90 years.  I am not alone. But to live without pain is what you should try to achieve.  And that is GODS way. Thank you for reading my letter .  905-581-8137 and leave a message.